started playing clarinet at age 9.  An obsession with guitar followed at age 13. Before she knew it, she was playing all sorts of instruments, and composing musical cues that didn't fit neatly into any category. Fortunately for us, her music still defies easy categorization.  As equally comfortable composing for film and video games as writing hard-hitting vocal and guitar tracks, Tatiana is a self-taught juggernaut of creativity. 

Boasting intricate arrangements that bring to mind Pet Sounds-era Brian Wilson, Tatiana is known for self-producing, mixing, arranging, and recording everything herself.

Dive into the swirling pool of her music. You may  get dirty, but that’s okay. You’ll emerge inspired nonetheless, and  perhaps even a little spooked.  

How many musicians can you say that about?  

~Robert Crisp -- Savannah, Georgia



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